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The Glass Bead Game

When looking at bright colourful beads the title of one famous book springs to my mind – have you heard of Herman Hesse’s novel ‘The Glass Bead Game’? Well, it’s definitely not a manual for making jewellery… The book, written in the middle of the 20th century, describes a game with sophisticated rules, a game that is hard to master as playing it well requires years of hard study of music, mathematics, and cultural history. The setting is a fictional province of central Europe, where we find a protected community within a larger nation, devoted to pure intellectual pursuits, and oblivious to the problems posed by life outside its boundaries.

Sounds complicated? Indeed. But doesn’t it reflect the way most people live now? The intellectually gifted climb political ladder and suddenly have a right to withdraw from life's big problems. Playing the elusive game is the only way you can keep up with the others and if you decide to become of value and service to the larger culture you might find out you are unfit for life in the real world.

I’d like the glass bead game to be simple and enjoyable to play – when the only rule is to put colourful pieces together into something that will later bring happiness to the ones out there. Playing the game words should be put together to make up intessting novels, colours combined to be turned into magnificent paintings, notes should compirse grate musical works. I hope that soon on this site you will be able to find loads of brave people who play the glass bead game my way.   

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